How to optimize the performance of posts on Instagram

For all those who want to improve the performance of their posts on Instagram, come now BestTimeToPost (BTTP), a new web-based tool, which will be dedicated to making a exhaustive analysis of the Instagram accounts themselves to establish all those best moments of the day to carry out the publications, also allowing the programming of said publications at the specified times.

But in addition to showing the best possible schedules based on the accounts’ own audiences, BTTP also has the ability to suggest the most appropriate content to publish, and will even carry out an analysis of the hashtags used to help choose those that allow receiving a greater participation of the followers.

To give that necessary push to Instagram accounts

In this way, it not only helps with the best moments of the day, but also with the better types of content and the appropriate hashtags that allow better results, which users will also be able to observe through a monitoring panel.

Through this panel, they will be able to observe the performance of each and every one of the daily publications, in addition to the improvements received at the level of participation on a weekly basis, and even the weekly growth of followers that has also been experienced.

BTTP allows the management of multiple accounts from Instagram at the same time.

Point out that BTTP is a tool freemium which offers two levels of pricing, with a first level being free and limited to a user account, which also limits daily publications to a maximum of five, and does not have suggestions for better content to publish.

The payment option has a cost of $ 12.9 per month and allows the management of unlimited accounts, in addition to not having daily publication limits, also having suggestions for better content to publish.

Is about an aid that tries to offer what is necessary to optimize the publications on Instagram accounts as much as possible, ideal for both the average user and for users who make more professional use of this social platform to gain more visibility and expand their audiences.

Like many tools, BTTP also has an email newsletter to find out all the news that occurs along the way.

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