luxury and avant-garde in the exclusive SUV that starts at 143,300 euros

The fifth generation of Range Rover, the luxury SUV par excellence since 1970, is about to reach the Spanish market. We have already been able to see it and touch it in person to tell you all the details and first impressions, including the prices that its different versions will have.

Range Rovers are cars that have always been characterized by having very long product cycles, close to 10 years in some cases. The same occurs with this fifth generation that comes to replace the one that has been on sale since 2012. It does so by applying a continuity style in some aspects, although it also saves some space for the innovation so necessary today, especially at the level. of equipment to keep it as the refined and luxurious car it has always been.

Traditional on the front, avant-garde on the back

Range Rover First Contact 16

Seen with the naked eye, especially from the front, the new-generation Range Rover could become confused with the old one. Slightly change the front grill frame, the optics are somewhat more stylized and the bumper air intakes are wider, but in general the car maintains the elements that make up its robust personality.

The different volumes of its body have remained unchanged over the years. The Range is still that all-rounder of blunt shapes, with a floating roof and a body with straight lines that have fallen in love with so many people for decades.

Range Rover First Contact 10

The door handles are now flush with the rest of the bodywork, as on the Velar and the new Evoque.

It is at the rear where the most changes have been applied to the new Range Rover. The square and robust optics that have marked previous generations have given way to more minimalist arranged in a vertical position, which also appear black when the car is off and only gain brightness and transparency when the car is running.

The black line with the words Range Rover that walk the car wide uniting both rear light groups, it is that touch of resounding that the customer of this car needs to reaffirm the pride of going “in a Range” and not in just any SUV.

Range Rover First Contact 8

The quality of materials and comfort in both rows of seats is of a super luxury level.

Seen in person, Range lovers will still find it an attractive car. It is an imposing car, in which the tires of 23 inch of the finish Autobiography They don’t even look excessive, and it maintains the traditional elements necessary to keep it true to its style.

4, 5 or 7 seats

The Range Rover is offered in different types of interior configurations in its two body lengthsSince a movie star who wants his Range Rover to reach the red carpet at the Oscars in Los Angeles does not have the same needs as a hunter who uses his car in the hunts on his farm in Extremadura.

Finishes are SE, HSE, and Autobiography. The First Edition model will be available only during the first year of production, based on the Autobiography and with exclusive specifications.

Thus, the new Range Rover is offered with four, five or seven seats, this last configuration being reserved exclusively for the long wheelbase. The brand also ensures that, in the case of opting for the seven seats, the two rear seats are real seats in which an adult can travel with space and comfort similar to that of the rest of the rows.

Range Rover First Contact 4

The Autobiography finish along with the SVs are the most exclusive.

dimensions range rover 2022




5.052 mm

5.252 mm

Width (mirrors folded)

2.047 mm

2.47 mm


1.870 mm

1.870 mm

distance between axis

2.997 mm

3.197 mm

Customers who want a more exclusive Range Rover, if possible, can opt for the model SV manufactured by the division Special Vehicle Operations. Available in Standard Body (SWB) and Long Wheelbase (LWB) Body, Includes Exclusive Design Styles SV Serenity Y SV Intrepid, plus a four-seat configuration SV Signature Suite.

Noise canceling system

The new Range Rover wants to be the SUV more comfortable and pleasant of the world. Among the many technical advancements included in the new Range Rover, the active road noise cancellation system stands out. This third generation of the system that brings peace to the cabin controls from the vibrations of the rims, to the noise of the tires and the sounds of the engine that are perceived in the cabin.

Range Rover First Contact 13

The screens dominate the cabin in which tradition and avant-garde come together.

Once analyzed, it generates a cancellation signal that is emitted by the 35 speakers of the audio system, including a pair of 60 mm loudspeakers on the headrests of the four main occupants to create individual quiet zones, similar to the effect of a high-end pair of exterior noise-canceling headphones.

Beyond this system, it also incorporates the Dynamic Response Pro and the predictive suspension that is reading the road to adapt the suspensions to what is coming, to minimize body movements.

Although on the outside it looks very similar to the previous one, it has a Cx of 0.30 which represents an improvement of 12% compared to the predecessor

The Range Rover was the first SUV to feature electronic air suspension in 1992, and the new Range Rover remains true to that principle to remain comfortable like few others.

Range Rover First Contact 11

In the backs of the front seats can go these two adjustable 11.4-inch touchscreens.

Although there are already many other competitive models that incorporate it, this is the first Land Rover with electric door opening and closing assistance. This system makes both movements smooth, silent and allows each trip to begin and end without noise.

Another element that the Range Rover incorporates to improve comfort, in this case while driving, is the rear axle with electric function, which allows the wheels to turn up to 7 degrees.

Rr 22my Cgi 13 Chassis 261021

The steered rear axle allows it to have the tightest turning radius in the Land Rover range despite being the longest of all.

At low speeds, the rear wheels turn opposite the front wheels, allowing you to gain agility in maneuvers, so much so that the Range Rover has a turning diameter of less than 11 meters, being the smallest of the Land Rover range.

When the speed is high, the rear axle rotates in the same sense than the front ones giving it stability and comfort.

The trunk becomes a balcony

Range Rover First Contact 1

Sitting there to contemplate nature, whether on a beach or in a mountain, does not seem like a bad plan.

Since 1970 the Range Rover has had the tailgate divided into two pieces. Now in 2021 this gate and the boot space gain new functionalities, such as that the smart floor panel can be raised forward forming a partition in which to store small objects size in a more accessible place for download.

The lower tailgate features a backrest that rises up to make it a outer seat, from which to watch the sunset, enjoy a sunrise in the mountains or simply have another impossible view from the front squares.

Range Rover First Contact 14

The pattern of the front grille changes slightly from that of the previous model.

This system can be taken one step further by adding ambient lighting, audio functions on the inside of the tailgate and padded cushions to relax outdoors and make that balcony a real terrace from which to see many things.

Range Rover engines and prices

For now, the Range Rover will be marketed with these three engines, two diesel and one gasoline of BMW origin, but later they will arrive two version PHEV (P440e and P510e with a 38.2 kWh battery that allows them to do up to 100 km) and in 2023 a fully electric version will arrive.




D300 3.0 D AWD MHEV

143.300 €

D350 3.0 D AWD MHEV

147.250 €

P530 4.4 V8 AWD

157.650 €


D350 3.0 D AWD MHEV

151.250 €

P530 4.4 V8 AWD

161.650 €

LWB 7 plazas

D350 3.0 D AWD MHEV

154.350 €

P530 4.4 V8 AWD

164.700 €

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