Microsoft is testing a game panel in Edge

If you don’t have enough with the games that come pre-installed in Windows, Microsoft wants to improve the bet with a new game bar in its web browser.

Yes, Microsoft Edge will make it easy for you to access games for your time off from work or study.

Microsoft adds games to your web browser

We have already seen that Edge has added a series of new features in 2021. Several of the latest developments have been focused on online shopping and making it easier for users to plan their trips or getaways. It has also added security functions focused on better management of the passwords that we have saved in the browser.

A strategy that has worked, since as we saw, Microsoft Edge has had a significant growth in number of users in the last time. And of course, beyond the functions that are incorporated into the browser, the Microsoft team continues to develop and work on new features.

For example, one of the new options being tested is the ability to add a games panel to the Microsoft Edge bar. As shown in the screenshots you share Leopeva64 On Reddit, Edge will show games from MSN Games. So you will no longer have to go to its dedicated page to choose some of the games, but you will have the panel integrated into the Microsoft browser.

So just by displaying the new panel you will find all the games divided into categories … arcade, multiplayer, trivia, among others. This game panel would not be available by default in Edge, but it would be necessary for users to activate it from the browser settings.

At the moment, this new feature is available as a trial in the Canary version of Edge, so we will have to wait to see if it is extended to the stable version.

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