Tell me which country you live in and I will tell you which is the best-selling electric car with this map

Zero emission cars are becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry and, although overall car sales are not at their best, the electric ones keep growing.

But the sales of each country are different and that is also reflected the favorite car of each region. For this reason, Uswitch has made an interactive map that shows consumer preferences when choosing your preferred electric car.

Germany, France and Italy opt for national product

The Tesla Model 3 it ranks as the best-selling car in the world, being the favorite in 21 of the 39 countries analyzed by the British portal. Being in most popular in Spain, Russia, United States, United Kingdom or Belgium.

It is being shown that the Tesla Model 3 It is the electric car par excellence. In fact, last September, Elon Musk’s brand car was crowned the best-selling car in Europe, being the first time that an electrician gets that award.

Best selling car

Source: Uswitch.

The success of Tesla Model 3 serves to highlight, on the one hand, Tesla’s dominance in the electric segment, and on the other hand, the progressive change in the market in which electrified cars (battery electric and plug-in hybrids) see their market share continue to rise to the detriment of gasoline and diesel.

The second most popular car is the Japanese Nissan Leaf, sold in up to 10 different countries such as Hungary, Poland, Russia or Japan, pulling the country by national product. The same has happened to the Germans, with the Volkswagen e-up!, which is also popular in the Scandinavian countries and Ireland.

The Italians for their part do the same, this time opting for the Fiat 500e, being the only country where this small utility has been sold.

Also in France, where the most popular electric car has been the Renault Zoe. Same decision as in Turkey and Romania.

What is becoming clear over the years is that the electric car more and more popular in some countries in Europe such as Germany, Italy or France, the electric each time they take a market share and in some countries close to a quarter of registrations.

And, if we talk about Norway, are close to 90%, even if the situation in the Nordic country cannot be compared to that of the rest.

With regard to Spain, the market share is still very small, well only 2% of cars that are sold correspond to electricity, but sales do not stop growing and little by little the penetration of electricity in the country is greater.

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