This smart dressing allows to monitor the wound from an application

Researchers from the National University of Singapore have developed a new way to remotely monitor patients’ chronic wounds.

And for this, they have designed a transparent bandage with a sensor that can detect biomarkers of chronic wounds so that you can receive the corresponding treatment.

Sensor bandage to monitor wounds remotely

When there is a chronic wound such as an ulcer, the patient not only needs to receive treatment but also continuous monitoring to see its evolution and adjust the medication.

And when you visit the doctor, it is not only a quick inspection by the professional, but you also need to take samples for analysis in the laboratory. A process that not only creates discomfort for the patient who cannot move normally, but also takes days to wait for the results.

To speed up this process and avoid patient discomfort, researchers have developed this smart dressing that allows chronic wounds to be remotely monitored. Thanks to the work done by the sensor incorporated into the transparent bandage, they can monitor temperature, inflammation, pH levels, types of bacteria present in the wound, among other data.

Data that is shown to the medical professional through a mobile application. So you can see the evolution of the patient’s wound at any time from your mobile device. We can see an example of its use in the video shared by the National University of Singapore at this link.

At the moment, this dynamic that is used thanks to the “VeCare” technology is being tested in patients with venous ulcers, and the result is being positive. They do not rule out using the same dynamics in the future to monitor other types of wounds, as mentioned in the National University of Singapore

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