WhatsApp prepares a new function for group administrators in iOS

WhatsApp on iOS already reveals one of the functions that promises to change the way of managing groups. A novelty that we already met a few weeks ago in the beta of WhatsApp on Android.

Although it is still in testing, let us see what this new dynamic dedicated to group administrators is about.

WhatsApp communities are already being tested on iOS

WhatsApp has been working on a new feature called “Community” for months. This feature allows administrators to link up to 10 groups in a community. When they do this, members will be able to see the content of all linked groups.

Yes, it is a Discord-like dynamic. However, there are several details to consider. That groups are linked does not mean that all administrators will have the same privileges, since only the community administrator will have control over the dynamics that will be used in the groups. So you can decide who is invited, the rules, type of posts, etc.

And of course, if a user leaves a community, they will not be able to see the information of the linked groups. As with groups, administrators can name it and write a description for the community. This would, for example, allow a company to link various groups within a community to inform and interact with employees. And yes, the groups will be kept private.

At the moment, this is a function is in beta, as mentioned in WABetaInfo, so there are still many questions about how it works. We will see if WhatsApp decides to implement this new group dynamic shortly, along with the other series of functions that we expect in 2022.

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