Will OnePlus 10 run in a week?

The start on January 4th would be a bit unexpected, but larger webshops are preparing for the premiere with a product page.


It was known that earlier than ever before, it will run in January OnePlus 10 family, after all, manufacturers are pushing for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, plus since the initial shock of the pandemic, product cycles have been getting shorter anyway. Still, the listings on Chinese websites that predict a launch due in a week is surprising, as the manufacturer, which is merging with Oppo, is still silent on the details of the next top machine, which will typically scatter its community surfaces weeks before the premiere.

OnePlus 10 Pro rendering image (source: OnLeaks) [+]

A on the other hand, the tiny webshop that looks at a start date or speaks out in spite of all sorts of settlements has shown up on some kind of preliminary product page for the OnePlus 10 Pro, with a token price of 10,000 yuan and a pre-order starting January 4, 2022. This kind of thing is not uncommon in China anyway, anticipating the official premiere, on the day of which the details, the real product photos and the official price will be sharpened. By the way, it could be smooth that the OnePlus 10 family will start in China in January, and then the international premiere will come around MWC, by which time the production lines for new mobiles and Snapdragon chips may be up and running. The above rendering is from an unofficial source anyway, and hopefully the projected design will change until it comes out.

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