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Hoto laser rangefinder

The Hoto laser rangefinder is an ingenious tool whose trick is not only to measure distance, but also to draw the measured values ​​on images using software. Plus, it can do this not only horizontally and vertically, but also at an angle, so you can draw shapes with it, and it also stores measurements in the app, even when pasted into photos. So when they went e.g. to buy the dresser in Ikea, you can look back at exactly how much space she has in the room. You ordered a lot of gadgets under 10,000 HUF this year, and we loved it when we tested.

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Lenny Li

I started to play with tech since middle school. Smart phones, laptops and gadgets are all about my life. Besides, I am also a big fan of Star War. May the force be with you!

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