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Again on Kickstarter we find a revolutionary webcam model that tries to solve the problems that exist in conventional webcams that we usually buy in different establishments and websites.

Is about Meca, a 3-in-1 webcam device geared towards office users. One of the highlights is that It is more than a webcam, as it is a device that allows the webcam to be removed to place it in a suitable position on the screen, counting for this with a small adhesive that does not leave a trace on the screen and can be reusable as many times as you want.

The idea is that users can stare directly in front of the rest of the participants, something that is not achieved with fixed-position webcams, which either offer an image in a dive, if it is placed on top, or in a counter-dive , if it is located in the lower part, losing the naturalness of the communications.

In addition to also having a built-in microphone, it also It has a lighting system in which users will be able to adjust both the brightness and the color temperature, with a design that tries to avoid unnecessary shadows on the participant’s screen.

Mecca is one of the options that we have been seeing throughout the year to allow more correct and natural video calls, ideal in an environment with teleworking and hybrid work in constant growth, and that the current solutions, despite offering images of high quality, they always suffer from being fixed in an unnatural position.

In the case of Mecca, the capture of its integrated webcam is of 1080p at 30fps, with a 70º angle of view. Users who participate in the campaign for this device will have their units during the month of June next year.

It goes without saying that the campaign has been able to achieve the goal set, with 31 more days of availability still remaining, with all its rewards still available, with an acquisition price ranging from the equivalent of 79 euros (plus shipping costs).

In short, it is a new solution that tries to solve the shortcomings of webcams even from well-known brands. Those interested have the details on the campaign website in Kickstarter.

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