Chrome allows you to see your history on each web page you visited from Android

Google Chrome

Chrome for Android is adding a little feature that will help you review the dates you visited a web page.

An option that will help you locate a specific link or search for some specific information about the pages you visit frequently.

Google Chrome shows you your history on each website you visit

Do you want to know when was the last time you visited a certain website? Or are you interested in knowing the dates on which you have visited your favorite website? Chrome on Android now lets you know that information by following a simple step.

You just have to go to the corresponding website, click on the padlock icon and you will see a new option «Last visit today». When you choose that option you will see all your browsing history on that website. It will not only show you the last visit you have made to that website, but also all the visits with their corresponding dates.

So you will only have to scroll through this history to see the pages or links grouped by date. For example, if you entered a news website, you will see that it will show you the articles that you have opened on different dates. So if you are looking for a particular article that you have visited on that site, you will find it in this history.

And when you click on the link, it will open again on the website. As you see in the picture, Chrome It also gives you the option to remove any website links that you don’t want to appear in your history. It is an interesting dynamic that will save you from having to search the general browser history, since it now allows you to perform your search on each site individually.

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