Did Marvel and Sony ruin the fun?

With very evocative trailers, did Marvel and Sony spoil the surprise of Spider-Man: No Way Home?

*** Attention spoilers sur Spider-Man : No Way Home ***

After months of rumors and stolen photos, the reunion of the three Spider-Man has finally taken place. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield donned the Spider-Man costume again, alongside new incarnation of Peter Parker by Tom Holland. A meeting as expected as it was feared by early fans, who had been looking for months for clues about their presence. If the actors have tried somehow to keep the secret, we have to admit that the surprise has been somewhat spoiled. The same applies to Daredevil, who showed the tip of his nose from the first minutes of the feature film.

A trailer that says (too) much

Sony and Marvel have largely made license fans wait before unveiling the first images of Spider-Man : No Way Home. The teaser was only released last August, four months before the film’s release on our screens. It will take several more weeks to finally discover the trailer. It was barely a month before the film’s arrival on the big screen, that the latter was unveiled. A trailer that says a lot about Spidey’s new adventures and the different characters who will cross his path.

Because yes, we will not hide it, the officialization of the presence of the various antagonists sounded a bit like a confirmation of the arrival of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield on the screen. We could therefore have been satisfied with a simple teasing in the rules of the art, with brief images of the different characters without ever discovering who camped them. A nice way to preserve a little suspense, especially when you know that all the interest of the film rests primarily on this meeting.

It is nevertheless conceded that the studios often have to play the balancing act to make spectators want to rush into the cinemas, without saying too much. In this game, the trailer forAvengers : Endgame had instead won the bet, keeping a number of script twists under seal.

On the subject, the directors have differing opinions. Asked by Art on the occasion of the release of Just the end of the world, Xavier Dolan had also confided to be at work for all the trailers of his films.

“There are people who are always saying that the trailer reveals too much, me, I think that a film announces, it is made to sell an idea, a story, lines and that ‘you have to sacrifice certain things and keep a part of surprise ”.

Arthur Tarnowski, considered one of the best in the field of trailer creation, explained to the Quebec media Press, that often, it is the spectators who ask to see as much as possible on a feature film.

“In the United States, they did tests with three different Jurassic World trailers. Consistently, people chose the one that revealed the most. This is what the vast majority of people want, for whom cinema is above all a hobby. They want to know what to expect when they buy a ticket. ”

But the arrival of video platforms has largely contributed to disrupting the art of the trailer, which can no longer be discovered exclusively in theaters. In those early days, the ad film was shown before a footage item and thus signaled the start of the session. But the arrival of platforms and social networks like YouTube or Twitter now allows viewers to carefully analyze each of the images and scenes to draw some conclusions about the plot that will be unfolded.

Marvel has also repeatedly played spectators, including or digitally removing characters. It’s the case for Spider-Man : No Way Home, where both Garfield’s Spidey and Maguire were removed from a shot. This was not enough, however, since some noticed in the Brazilian trailer that the lizard was taking a hit from an invisible character on the screen.

Blame it on the fans?

But Marvel and Sony are not the only ones to blame, since on social networks, many have been prying to share snapshots stolen near filming locations or simply stolen images. We can especially mention the appearance of Matt Murdock at the beginning of the film, which had been shared on Twitter.

Marvel therefore had a hard time stemming the phenomenon, which took on unprecedented proportions as the release approached. Even after the film was released to audiences in theaters, videos taken during landmark scenes in the film took over Twitter and YouTube, making it even more difficult for fans who had yet to experience it.

More trailers?

We can logically ask the question of the need to offer trailers before the release of a film from the MCU. Marvel is enjoying unprecedented popularity for the genre, so many fans want to discover each new component. If the promotion makes sense for newbies, like Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings or The Eternals, it’s not the same catchphrase for Spider-Man who is arguably the most popular superhero in the license.

The adventures of the Spider-Man have just amassed 1 milliard au box-office, the fans’ attachment to the character therefore no longer needs to be proven. Still, we will never know if this success is entirely allocated to the promotional campaign.

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