How to compare the technical specifications of two or more mobiles

A good practice before purchasing a new mobile is to verify the technical characteristics of the equipment, since not only its price should be a determining factor.

The specifications of a mobile are publicly accessible data, provided by the manufacturer of each device. However, the task of comparing could be cumbersome. A web platform offers a practical solution to make parallels between two or more mobile models, even pointing out which one is the most convenient.

A comparison of mobile characteristics

Techspecs is an extensive database containing a large number of registered smartphone models. It has several tools, including an API and a device comparer, Techspecs Versus, which is the utility that we will stop at this time.

The dynamics of comparison could not be simpler. Simply, simply go to the web, where an empty column will appear. By clicking on the button with the plus sign, a search engine will be displayed in which the first model to be analyzed must be entered. The search results are updated as you type and as a reference, they appear accompanied by a photograph of the mobile.

Once the first mobile to be compared has been chosen, a second column will be displayed, in which the procedure can be repeated to proceed with the comparison. It is even possible to make comparisons between more than two teams, all being in parallel for their joint review.

Between so many indicators that the reports of characteristics of a mobile present, it is normal to get confused. It is not always easy to discern between a computer with an excellent camera and a weak processor or one with a simpler camera and higher system performance. However, Techspecs Versus offers remarkable help with this, since among the compared equipment, an artificial intelligence system is in charge of reviewing the technical performance of each equipment, to highlight in the interface which is the most suitable model from the list.

This tool is totally free and puts at our fingertips a long list of technical sheets, to collaborate with a safe and informed purchase when acquiring a new equipment.

The comparator is available at

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