Instagram mentions what your goals will be in 2022

The Instagram team is preparing for 2022, and they have already shown what some of their goals are for the new year.

They have not mentioned any of the controversies in which Instagram has been involved this year, but Adam Mosseri has mentioned that “they will rethink what Instagram is”.

Instagram will continue to focus on videos in 2022

Adam Mosseri has published a video on Twitter mentioning some of the goals of Instagram in 2022. And one of the points he mentioned is that they are going to rethink what Instagram is to evolve with the changes in the world:

We will have to rethink what Instagram is because the world is changing rapidly and we will have to change with it

What to expect from Instagram andn 2022? The video has been very short so that I go into details about the functions that we could expect or new dynamics that will be implemented in the platform. But Mosseri did mention that one of his big goals will be to focus even more on videos.

As mentioned in the video, Instagram has long ceased to be just an application for sharing photos, and the different video formats are already part of the dynamics of the platform. So they will double their efforts to incentivize the videos in the app. And of course, they will continue to treat the Reels as one of the protagonists of the app.

He also mentioned the importance of the messaging function within Instagram, and stressed that they will focus on providing greater transparency so that users understand how the platform works. On the other hand, he also spent a few seconds mentioning that creators will have more tools to monetize their content on Instagram.

So in a quick recap, Adam Mosseri highlights that video format, messaging, greater transparency, and creators will be some of the priorities that will have busy Instagram in 2022.

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