LG presents its OLED EX panels, thinner and brighter

The LG team has presented several products these days as a preview of what we will see at CES 2022.

We have already seen monitors, laptops and even a new concept of relaxation device. And now LG surprises with the presentation of the EX technology, which promises brighter and thinner panels.

LG wants to go one step further with a new generation of OLED panels. And for this, it is implementing a new technology that allows increasing the brightness of its panels by up to 30%:

The next-generation OLED EX screen implements LG Display’s deuterium and ‘EX Technology’ based on custom algorithms, which help improve the overall image quality of the innovative display by improving brightness by up to 30 percent compared to conventional OLED displays

As the team of LG, OLED EX combines the concept of «Evolution» and «eXperience», as it revolves around offering a new experience based on the evolution of OLED technology. And one of its strengths is that it can improve the brightness and efficiency of the panels.

And for this, they implement the use of deuterium compounds and algorithms that can learn display patterns to improve image quality, resulting in greater precision in the colors and details of the content:

Thanks to EX technology, OLED EX displays unlock new levels of image precision and brightness to deliver exquisite, lifelike details and colors without any distortion, such as the reflection of sunlight off a river or each individual vein of a sheet of paper. tree

And no less detail is that this new technology allows the screen bezel to be reduced by up to 30% to offer a slimmer design. But we will have to wait to see the dynamics that this new technology will deliver, as LG will begin manufacturing in the second quarter of 2022.

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