Looking for your first camper van? Here are six compact options, from the Citroën Berlingo to the Volkswagen Caddy

The camper universe little by little it is spreading and there is already a much broader market than that of fireproof Volkswagen California. As there are as many camper vans as there are imaginations, compact vans are becoming a juicy niche for those who want a versatile and affordable campervan.

Today we are going to talk about the models of compact camper vans, because they have become such a mainstream world that we have removable modules even in large surfaces such as Leroy Merlin.

Ford Tourneo Connect

Ford Tourneo Connect By Tinkervan 2021 Prueba 004

The Ford Tourneo Connect It is a veteran in the market, and one of the best options for those who want a compact van that is habitable by the way.

Its bodywork available in two lengths and especially square (especially in its upper part) make it a highly removable model. The current model is available with up to seven seats and a choice of Active trim with true SUV flair for active lifestyles.

Ford Tourneo Connect By Tinkervan 2021 Prueba 016

Its price starts at 24.895 euros for the Trend finish with 100 hp, and equipment can be added to suit your taste, although in driving aids it is not one of the most advanced and it shows that it already needs a replacement.

We have recently been able to version Tourneo Custom by Tinkervan (which illustrates these images) with which the Huesca specialist demonstrates his abilities as a camper and, yes, it gives a lot of play, although it has its little things to improve. It is a perfect size for young users who enjoy outdoor activities on weekends.

Volkswagen Caddy

Camper Compact

The Volkswagen Caddy has always been a benchmark in the compact van segment, and it was not going to be less in the one of the camper. The fame of the California has thrown so much that it even premieres a Caddy Beach version in the new generation.

If there is a point in which the Caddy stands out, it is that especially in this new generation it stands out for being the longest compact van of all, with 4.5 meters from one end to the other in the short version. The long version (same wheelbase but long body) is 4.85 m, but it is not the longest in the category.

Camper Compact 1

Its interior claims to be one of the most robust in the category and its mechanics for their reliability. The last of the Caddy is more tourism than ever, even debuting the same MQB platform that uses the Volkswagen Golf. The engines are TDI, TSI and TGI gas, and later there will be a PHEV version but not 100% electric.

Therefore, it is a technological reference, being able to incorporate a huge package of driving aids and a very car-like feel, especially useful for those who respect getting behind the wheel of a van. Its price starts at 29,800 euros (without discounts and with taxes).

Mercedes-Benz Citan

Camper Compact 3

The Caddy’s direct rival is the Mercedes-Benz Citan. A model that since 2012 has been a joint development by Renault but that in this new generation it is unmarked to look more like the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, saving the distance. Unlike the Volkswagen, the platform is still industrial.

The Citan may be the most spacious compact van and therefore the most suitable for campervan, with a total length of up to 4.92 meters in total for the long wheelbase version and an interior space that can reach 3,700 liters.

Camper Compact 2

Not surprisingly, it can also be configured as a seven-seater van with two side sliding doors to be a very usable option on a day-to-day basis. On weekends it can be converted into a modular home in a well-used small mobile home.

It also stands out for being at the top of the table in terms of price (from 26,643 euros) and at the same time preserve its resale price better than others. In return it offers us an interior with good qualities and well loaded with equipment.

Renault Kangoo

Camper Compact 4

The Renault Kangoo It is the affordable option of the Citan using the same platform and the same engines both diesel and gasoline, with a less ambitious body and above all a price that is within reach of more pockets. Both for starting price and for having a greater offer in the market.

Like the rest of the compact vans on the market, the Renault Kangoo is looking to capture that versatile user who would buy a Scénic before and who is now looking for an option with even more possibilities.

Camper Compact 5

It is one of the largest small vans with 4.48 meters long and an interior capacity that can reach 3,500 liters, but the most interesting thing is that its mechanical offer is one of the most extensive.

Includes diesel, hybrid mechanics and a E-Tech 100% electric with up to 265 km of autonomy. Its current starting price is 23.471 euros for the Combi 1.5 Blue dCi version with 75 hp.

Citroen Berlingo

Camper Compact 7

If we talk about popular vans, after the Kangoo we have to talk about the Citroen Berlingo, not in vain it is placed ahead of its compatriot in the sales ranking so far in 2021 and absolute leader in the accumulated until July with 10,893 units.

The Berlingo shares a base with the Peugeot Rifter and Opel Combo. All three belong to the PSA Group (in addition to the Toyota Proace City), so they share a platform and engines, but the easiest to see on the street and therefore in second-hand ads is the Berlingo.

Camper Compact 6

With a price that just exceeds the 24.000 euros It is one of the most interesting options on the market, and it is also due to its versatility, with two lengths that reach 4,403 and 4,753 mm, it is smaller than its competitors.

Even so, Tinkervan also offers camperisation options for this van with a folding rear bed module, table, shower, fridge, heater, awning and everything you need to get away for a weekend or a vacation. Vanderer also offers camperizations from 29,390 euros and that can even be equipped with a lifting roof.

Dacia Dokker

Camper Compact 8

But if what you are looking for is an affordable option, the Dacia Dokker win by a landslide. It may not be the prettiest, nor the most spacious, nor the most equipped, but for a new starting price that in the most expensive models did not exceed 16,000 euros.

It is not currently for sale but there are many units available at prices around 10,000 euros with not too many kilometers and the reliability of being a first cousin of the Kangoo. Of course, many are in a van configuration.

Camper Compact 9

By size it is a little smaller than the current Kangoo, but it is an ideal starting point for those looking for a good deal and a affordable starting point for the camper world.

long (L1)

largo (l2)




ford tourneo connect

4.425 mm

4.825 mm

1.835 mm

1.819 mm

Up to 2,410 liters

volkswagen caddy

4.500 mm

4.853 mm

1.855 mm

1.832 mm

Up to 3,030 liters

Citroen Berlingo

4.403 mm

4.753 mm

1.848 mm

1.837 mm

Up to 3,500 liters

renault kangoo

4.486 mm

4.666 mm

1.919 mm

1.838 mm

Up to 3,500 liters

mercedes-benz quote

4.498 mm

4.922 mm

1.860 mm

1.800 mm

Up to 3,700 liters

dacia docks

4.388 mm

1.767 mm

1.852 mm

Up to 3,000 liters

Note: This car offer belongs to an affiliate. Despite this, the car on display has not been proposed by either the brand or the seller, its introduction being a unique decision of the team of editors.

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