Microsoft introduces 3-screen phone, the sweaty Samsung Z Fold

Microsoft finds that two screens is already not enough and is working on a smartphone with three fold-out screens.

If you think the Samsung Z Fold 3 or the Z Flip are the future of telephony, you’re already late. For a long time confined to a single screen, the smartphones of tomorrow seem to be moving towards a second screen, thus resuming a clamshell form, as is almost the case for the Flip, which had seduced a whole generation in the early 2000s. .

But while Microsoft has already made a proposal in the world of folding smartphones with two screens, the firm is back with even greater ambitions, and a phone of unimaginable proportions. Indeed, the brand from Redmond intends to offer on the market a phone with not one or two, but three screens.

The concept, discovered by Patently Apple in the invention patent publications of brands, is something to dream about. With such a triptych, Microsoft would take the foundations of its Duo to give it even more scope with a second hinge and a third screen. According to the first information known about it, this phone could have a total size of 10 inches, if not more.

A concept that can still be improved upon

But this concept also presents black spots, from its conception. Indeed, with three screens and two hinges, the product may weigh its weight, but also be too thick for most pants pockets. If the idea of ​​adding a third screen may sound good, we still have to see in detail how Microsoft intends to go about it. The Creators of Windows already seem late with their Duo, which today consists of two separate screens, the creation of a phone with three screens does not seem to be on the agenda.

If Microsoft’s project is intriguing to say the least, it is good to know that the Redmond firm is not the only one eyeing a triptych device. Indeed, discovered last June by LetsGoDigital, Samsung also filed a patent in this way, protecting its engineering and development work around a phone with three screens.

In the rest of the tech world, TCL seems to be the most advanced in this kind of product. As the media Gizmodo reminds us, which was able to test the concept with three screens, the latter is incredibly heavy and bulky, but the possibility of having a tablet in the hands once the three screens unfolded is a real plus which is “enough impressive ”recognizes the very critical American media.

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