Microsoft Teams has a new option for business meetings

Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft team is improving one of its features dedicated to group video calls. An option that makes it easy for participants to express their desire to speak during meetings without interruptions.

If you use Microsoft Teams with your workgroup, you know that one of the options it offers during a meeting or video call is “Raise your hand.” An option that you find within the meeting controls in the “Show reactions” section.

When you “raise your hand” all participants will notice this detail and the meeting host or presenter will receive a notification. It is a simple and effective dynamic that helps meetings to proceed without unnecessary interruptions or creating conflicts between participants.

However, if it is a large meeting with many participants and most of them raise their hands, it can be difficult to decide who to speak to. So that this is not a problem, Microsoft Teams has a new option for moderators that lets them know who raised their hand first.

It may be a detail that does not matter much, but it can serve as a criterion when there are many participants in the meeting who want to speak and there is no priority on the topics. To see this information, moderators have to go to the meeting controls section and search for “Show participants.”

There you will find the list of all the members of the meeting along with those who “raised their hands.” And as you can see in the image, when many participants perform this action at the same time, Teams add a number taking into account the order in which they raised their hand.

An option that is available in both the mobile apps, the web version and the Teams desktop application, as mentioned in Petri.

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