The price of natural gas falls in Europe and mitigates the energy crisis, thanks to the supply from the US

The energy crisis in Europe begins to decline, in part, thanks to a fleet of natural gas vessels arriving from the United States to the Old Continent, according to Bloomberg, since from Russia the supply of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline was cut off, one of the main gas suppliers in Europe.

But after several days, European gas prices They fell thanks in part to the arrival of North American gas, due to the drop in demand in the Old Continent.

Last week more than 400 euros per MWh was paid in Europe

Last week, the price of electricity and gas rose. In the case of light, at least a dozen countries paid more than 400 euros per MWh.

Gas reached record levels, above 180 euros per MWh last week, after the Russian gas pipeline was cut off. The energy markets have followed a similar trend, and in January it does not look much better, since around the 30% of France’s nuclear fleet will be on hold for several weeks.

To alleviate this problem, natural gas supplies began to arrive from the United States to the European networks through the United Kingdom, where for example have increased more than 20% since December 24, according to data from National Grid.

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Source: Bloomberg

Supply arrivals at various ports in Europe are also expected to increase, with the number of US shipments heading to ports on the continent increasing by a third over the weekend.

The price of gas has already fallen to 9.7% with the arrival of gas shipments from the US to the European region. In addition, several ships that were sailing towards Asia have now been diverted to Europe. In fact, the Dutch reference gas has fallen by 8.3%, below 100 euros per MWh.

But keep in mind that this problem is still not going to be solved in the long term. “Europe’s gas problem may not go away next year“Andrew Hill, head of European gas analysis at BloombergNEF, said in a report Wednesday.

Likewise, despite the fact that prices have fallen in the last week, there is still they are more than five times higher than the average of the last five years.

We must not forget that an improvement in the weather is expected and this also affects the demand for energy, which may be lower and will cause prices to be lower, but there are still winter months and the situation is not the best .

In fact, in Spain electricity has fallen below 100 euros per MWh, although recently it has risen again.

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