This remote Russian port has received a ship loaded with cars … completely frozen!

As if it were a ghost, a ship named Sun Rio, loaded with cars, with the Panamanian flag and more than 30 years of service behind it, arrived a few days ago in the remote area. port of Vladivostok, in Russia.

It soon became news because the ship, and all the Second hand Japanese cars I was transporting, they have arrived frozen and covered by a 15-centimeter layer of ice. Even inside.

Nothing to write home about for expert sailors

As published by the medium, the sailors themselves have recognized that it is not a surprising fact after a crossing through the Sea of ​​Japan: “It is December, the sea is rough and windy. The water splashes on board and becomes a crust”, explained the ship’s captain, Pyotr Osichansky, to the Russian medium.

But even though it is not a “big deal”, the sailors have acknowledged that this year the wind was stronger than usual and the Sun Rio, registered in Panama but far from operating with warm temperatures, has gone through a hard journey. .

To be able to unload used vehicles – in some you can still guess under the thick layer of ice that they are Honda o Toyota– workers have to break the ice as best they can after removing them with a crane.

And they use everything: fire hydrants, scrap metal … In what conditions the vehicles will be delivered is a mystery (for now).

The truth is that in Vladivostok they are quite used to extreme temperatures. It is known for being the last stop on the Trans-Siberian train and for its ice storms, which were especially harsh in November 2020.

Foto | The Siberian Times

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