To create memes in a matter of seconds with Artificial Intelligence

Every time we have it easier to create memes (from the Internet) to share and have fun for a while. Today the website opens in beta, and for new users, which allows users to create memes in just a few seconds, and all thanks to the help of artificial intelligence.

Basically, it is a website where the creation of memes consists of offering a simple description so that Artificial Intelligence chooses the most appropriate image from its image base to adapt it to what is indicated in the description.

As we say, it is a product that is in beta phase, for which it will have to improve over time, and above all, thanks to the continuous use of users. To do this, it is enough to automatically register on the web to begin to describe a situation from which to obtain a meme.

As they point out in their About section, It works thanks to the GPT-3 system of the OpenAI Artificial Intelligence solutions research and implementation company. GPT-3 is described as “a powerful artificial intelligence system that produces natural language.”

Its creators point out that:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a meme is worth a million. We created this website so that people can easily express their ideas through memes. With AI-assisted meme creation, we believe that people will be able to share insightful ideas through comedy. By encouraging the creation of memes, we hope to help make the Internet a more pleasant place.

What is clear is that this website will save time searching and editing images, either through other specialized meme creation platforms, or through completely manual creation, where the only thing that will suffice is to indicate the description to get a meme.

The results may or may not be liked, we insist on its beta character, but we are facing one more scenario where the artificial intelligence it will help us save time. And it will be time that allows us to improve this tool to get more and more effective memes.

It’s a matter of taking a few seconds and comparing what it offers compared to other meme creation platforms.

Link: Makememe

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