A new visual website editor that allows you to create websites in minutes

We clearly know that nowadays it is no longer necessary to have technical knowledge to have a website on the Internet, thanks to the existence of visual website creation services, where users will only have to add and configure the different elements included.

Well, now we have just learned about an interesting option that complies with this way of working, but also It is so easy and so practical, that it allows anyone who wants to have their website in just five minutes or less.

Intuitive and easy to use

Is about mmm, a new editor visual of websites It is offered both free of charge and through a payment option, the latter aimed at those who wish to have an unlimited number of blocks, as well as their own domains.

The idea is to have a small floating panel that offers access to elements such as a text tool, a painting tool, a variety of stickers, a series of action buttons, among some more options to add as modules.

Users will add as many elements as they need starting from this panel, having for each element added a series of options for its adaptation, both in location and in size and other properties.

What’s more, will be guided so that the website creation also becomes compatible with phones mobiles and tablets.

In this way, the result will not only be compatible with desktop web browsers, but also with mobile phone and tablet web browsers.

Those who want to try it, just go to the initial page of the service, which is fully editable, where it will be enough to press with the pencil button available in the lower right part to, which way you want, to be able to modify existing elements, delete them and add new ones.

Of course, this demo will not be recorded.

Later, they will only have to register in the service and start creating the web, even defining their own subdomain, and adding the different elements to modify them later.

It will be the adventures of each one that allows us to achieve interesting results, such as the fact of being able to upload images with transparent backgrounds so that the appearance is more attractive.

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