Netflix, obliged in Russia to offer at least 20 live national TV channels

We already know that the Netflix catalog differs a lot depending on the market you are in. The reason is none other than that the company is obliged to act according to local laws and current license agreements in the different markets where it is present.

The popular video-on-demand transmission platform meets markets, such as Europe, where the demand is much looser, where it is required practically that 30% of the contents of its catalog be of European production, and markets much more demanding, such as the Russian, which is now demanding that the company create 20 live television channels nationwide.

We knew that Netflix I was testing a live TV channel in France called Direct for those who don’t want to bother looking for self-produced content, but now the surprise comes from Russia.

And it is that the Russian Internet and television regulatory authority, Roskomnadzor, requires the company have at least 20 state-wide live television channels by being registered as an «audiovisual services» company, as reported The Moscow Times.

The at least 20 channels should include the news television network NTV, the main general-interest television channel Channel One, and the television network Spas of the Russian-Orthodox Church (“Saved”).

The required requirements They will come into force in the month of March of the next year 2022. Critics see these and other channels are most often used as government propaganda.

On the other hand, Netflix is ​​also forced to register a Russian affiliate of your service, in accordance with the regulations of this market, where it also has provisions such as the one that prohibits the promotion of “extremism”, a restriction seen as a way of trying to silence the communication of political opponents.

Netflix has before it the decision to accept all these regulations and requirements to be in Russia, or on the contrary, to leave this market. If you go for the first option, it will be interesting to see how you could do it.

Of course, this will only be in Russia, so in the rest of the markets it will continue to function as a video-on-demand transmission service.

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