Samsung wants to develop a new folding screen format

Samsung wants to continue innovating with its mobile phones with folding screens. Moving away from the concept we saw in the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip, Samsung has filed a patent that reveals a dual-fold display.

Yes, a double-hinged display that folds in a zigzag, as can be seen in the description of the filed patent.

A folding mobile that folds into three parts

As mentioned in LestGoDigital, Samsung has patented a mobile with three folds. That is, it has two hinges that allow the screen to be divided into three parts. So if you open the mobile completely, you will have a large screen as if it were a tablet, but you can fold it into three parts in the shape of a Z. A dynamic that is possible thanks to a hinge system.

Of course, when the mobile is closed has a normal screen size, although it will have a significant thickness. As detailed in the patent, this mobile could also have a fingerprint reader on the screen, HDMI connector, triple camera, two batteries and support for S-Pen.

An example of what is described in this patent can be seen in the render shared by the LetsGoDigital team. As can be seen in these images, this concept will save the user having to resort to a secondary screen when it is folded, since one of the main parts of the panel will always be visible.

This patent was filed in June 2021 at the World Intellectual Property Organization, and has been published on December 23. Although this concept was already known in 2020, and is now known as “Samsung Tri-Fold”. At the moment, it is only part of a concept, and there is still no certainty that Samsung is going to bet on this format, so we will have to wait to see what is the next step in the development of folding screens.

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