so are the new habits of the Spanish

We are not going to deny that the situation is complicated and that we did not imagine being like this right now. The sudden entrance of Omicron has canceled many plans but we still want to travel, but if there is something clear it is that COVID has changed the way we travel. We go with a small summary of how they are the new habits of the Spanish.

It is undeniable that one of the most affected by the pandemic has been the tourism sector, but if you look at a recent study by Booking, We have traveled again but changing our way a bit. We do things that before we would not even jokingly, but what is clear is that we have not stayed still.

We resist staying home

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Well the truth is that we do not stay at home, because more than 65% of Spaniards are willing to go on vacation, but somewhat different from what we used to do. It’s more, 70% care less is the destination as long as they can travel and be away from home.

We plan ahead

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One big difference in 2021 is that reservations have been made even earlier than other times. Precisely when our way of living has become a little more unforeseen, when it comes to traveling 54% of reservations have been made two or three months in advance and 30% one month in advance in advance. The data is provided by the Corporate Association of Specialized Travel Agencies (ACAVE). The peace of mind that cancellation conditions have been relaxed in many cases has helped a lot.

The strange Christmas of 2021 (one more time)

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Christmas decoration on Calle Larios in Malaga

And yes, because Ómicron shook us in the face when we least expected it, but still the reservations for Christmas and New Year’s Eve increased by 10% compared to the previous year (although last minute cancellations will have to be seen). Of course this is what is teaching us all is that tourism has to continue to be a sector in continuous search for training and preparation because this is full of challenges.

Tourism trends for the new season 2022

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If we Spaniards have spent almost two years exploring every corner of our country, vaccination data make us a tourist attraction: almost 80% of vaccinated population is a compelling reason to visit Spain. Tourists will come from countries such as Portugal, France and some Nordic countries, also motivated by the quality / price ratio (and weather) , according to the forecasts published by EFE. The most popular destinations for this time within the national territory are: Canary Islands, Andalusia, Madrid Y Barcelona.

Last minute reservations are welcome

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If before we said that, strangely, it was booking with more advance, also we love that technology allows us greater immediacy and that we access more and more to last minute reservations. We fear that facing 2022, uncertainty will continue to be part of the decisions of Spanish travelers, that is why we will make use of that technology.

Sustainability makes us earn points

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Sustainable tourism will also become very important. According Ostelea, “Being a sustainable tourist involves worrying about and taking care of the protection of the tourist sites that are visited or respect for the cultural heritage”. Other ways of traveling like ed-ventures (combination of travel plus education) or the slow travel, focused on more natural environments away from the crowds, will take a leading role in 2022.

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