The fines in Madrid for skipping the Low Emission Zones and the anti-pollution protocol will be more expensive

In the reformed Traffic Law, new fines and one of them is that it will be imposed by not comply with the restrictions imposed on Low Emission Zones (LEZ) as well as those applied in the protocols for episodes of high contamination.

And precisely this new sanction, which is 200 euros, will be applied in Madrid once it enters into force on March 21, 2022. This has been confirmed by the Madrid City Council, which also now opens the so-called Madrid ZBE and whose first phase begins this Saturday, January 1, 2022.

From 90 euros to 200 euros

Madrid mobility agent fine

So far, and until March 20, the access and circulation in the low emission areas of Madrid to cars and vehicles that are not allowed is sanctioned and will be sanctioned with 90 euros.

But as of March 21 it won’t be like that, as indicated by the City Council in the statement referring to the new LEZ of Madrid:

Access not allowed to Madrid ZBE, as with the other two ZBDEP, constitutes a minor traffic violation until March 20 inclusive of the year 2022, in accordance with the provisions of articles 18 and 75.c), and may be sanctioned in accordance with articles 80.1 and 81 of the Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety with 90 euros.

And it is precisely on March 21 that the bulk of new fines included in the revised Traffic Law come into force. These include those that are applied by breach the restrictions of the LEZ, as well as by protocols for high contamination episodes.

In the normative reformulated, these breaches become among those collected as serious offenses and are contemplated in Article 76 in the new added point z3):

Failure to respect the circulation restrictions derived from the application of the protocols in the event of pollution episodes and in low-emission zones.

All serious offenses are sanctioned with a 200 euros fine, therefore being the amount applied for failing to comply with these measures.

It should be noted that, as confirmed to Motorpasión by the DGT, this fine is proposed as a legal umbrella to “unify this criterion at the state level”, but the municipalities will continue to have the power to apply the amount they consider according to their municipal regulation.

Despite this, the Madrid City Council has chosen to unify the amount based on the new Traffic Law, which will mean more expensive fines for breaching this precept going from the current 90 euros to 200 euros.

How, where and when this fine is applied

Sign of the ZBE of special protection of the Central District of Madrid

This sanction is imposed in Madrid for failing to comply with two different measures: the restrictions of the LEZs and those of the anti-pollution protocol.

Madrid has three areas of Low Emission Zones that restrict circulation to cars and vehicles, with different measures being applied.

ZBE of special protection of the Central District (formerly Madrid Central): Only cars and vehicles labeled ECO and ZERO can circulate freely. B and C can only enter if they go directly to a car park. Those without a tag are totally prohibited from entering, although there are exceptions (residents, merchants with premises in the area, vehicles for people with reduced mobility, service vehicles, etc.). The fines are active from December 11, 2021.

ZBE of special protection Plaza Elíptica: access and circulation are restricted to cars and vehicles without a DGT label. It also includes exceptions: residents, merchants with premises in the area, service, etc. Yes OK has entered into force on December 22, the fines will not start until February 22, 2022.

Madrid ZBE: the entire capital will become a low-emission zone, starting the first phase on January 1, 2022, that is, since Saturday. From that date until December 31, cars without a tag that are not registered in Madrid will not be able to access or circulate throughout the central almond (inner area framed by the M-30). The fine will begin on March 1, 2022.

On the other hand, not comply with the protocol for high contamination episodes It is also sanctioned with this fine, and in the case of Madrid it is also discriminated by DGT label and implies different restrictions depending on the stage level:

  • Exceed the speed of 70 km / h on the M-30 and accesses to the capital from the M-40 (from scenario 1).
  • Drive through the central almond and M-30 with a vehicle without an environmental label, including motorcycles (from scenario 2).
  • Parking improperly in the SER regulated zone, only allowed for vehicles with Eco and Zero label (from scenario 2).
  • Access and circulate throughout the city with a vehicle or motorcycle without an environmental label (from scenario 3).
  • Drive through the central almond and M-30 with a vehicle labeled B (from scenario 4).
  • Drive throughout the city with unlabeled vehicles with B and C badges (scenario 5 and never applied to date).

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