This illegal script makes it possible to hack Netflix, Disney + and Apple TV +

Netflix, Disney + but also AppleTV + have been targeted since yesterday by a script to download episodes and films without subscription.

Today the SVOD platforms that are Netflix, Apple TV +, or Disney + are true entertainment monsters. The first of this list, but also the most powerful of them, gathers no less than 213 million subscribers in the world (the population of Brazil). Despite everything, these digital giants seem to be colossi with feet of clay.

Indeed, they have already been affected in the past by several computer attacks disclosing programs in advance, or connection codes to subscribe for free. But yesterday, a user decided to go even further. He has indeed published scripts on the popular GitHub platform that normally allow you to download content on these platforms, for free.

An incomplete script

A boon for users who no longer need to subscribe to Netflix to discover the last season of The Witcher or at Disney + to view The Book of Boba Fett. Although the practice and use of these scripts is illegal, many users have tried their luck since their inception.

But widevinedumb, the surfer behind the leak has kept an asset up his sleeve. In fact, for the script to be complete, and to be efficient, it is necessary to have access to the CDM (content decryptation modem), part of the code that is missing in the disclosures made by the Internet user. Indeed in the message that accompanies the scripts the latter gives several contact e-mail addresses explaining that the CDM is not free.

Illegal and already outdated scripts

If the financial motivation therefore appears to be obvious concerning the reason for this leak, which could be very expensive for widevinedumb, the latter also implied in his message that he was acting out of revenge. Indeed he assures to have made these scripts public for “Punish a few idiots”. Without obviously specifying who it is.

Usually scripts of this power are not thrown out in the public eye this way. Indeed, by making them visible to all, widevinedumb destroys their life expectancy to a few days at most. SVOD platforms, if they have not yet communicated on the subject, may have already found a fix, thus rendering these scripts unnecessary. At any rate, the use of these scripts is illegal and it can lead to heavy penalties.

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