This Samsung app uses AI for children to develop good habits with their mobiles

Samsung announced that it will present different projects of its C-Lab program at CES 2022, in order to assess user response. And among them, we find Piloto, an app that uses AI to help children develop good habits with their mobile devices.

While there are several popular solutions that allow you to enable parental controls on devices used by children, this proposal from Samsung wants to go a step further.

An app with AI that accompanies children when they use their mobile

Pilot is an application that uses artificial intelligence to accompany children while they use their mobile devices to use technology safely. And the dynamics is very simple.

Children will see an avatar on the screen that will function as a kind of companion or pet that lives on the mobile and that they will have to take care of. For example, the parent can set the time that the child will spend in front of the screen, and the pet will make sure that this control is carried out in a fun way. So the child will see avatar messages like ‘I’ll be able to play more next time. Please drag me to the door.

When the child performs this action, leading the avatar to a door that appears on the mobile screen, he retires to rest at home. As seen in the video shared by the Samsung team, children will have a charger in the shape of a small dollhouse, which helps create that experience.

On the other hand, the application will also help children to have a good posture while using their mobile and will prevent them from being exposed to inappropriate content. And it will also encourage children to express themselves while consuming content on mobile so that they do not become just passive viewers.

At the moment, Pilot is only part of an internal project, so we will have to wait to see if Samsung decides to develop this product for the public.

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