This smart ring can monitor your health and daily habits

Movano Ring is a new device that aims to monitor daily habits and a series of data on the health of the person.

And not only will they show all this information, but they will analyze the data for patterns in order to detect abnormalities or chronic diseases.

A smart ring that provides information about your health

One of the advantages of this device is that it is easy to carry, since it is shaped like a ring, so it will not present a discomfort to the user. And it can monitor data, such as heart rate, blood oxygen, temperature, calories, respiration, etc.

All these data are interpreted in different graphs, percentages and tables so that it is easy to understand all the information recorded. Information that is displayed in a mobile application in order to create patterns that help detect any abnormality or disease.

Our app takes note of your body’s signals and transforms them into information. Dig deeper, beyond graphs, tables, percentages, to provide accessibility, actionable information.

Movano promotes this as a device “designed for women of all ages”, but could be used by anyone. Another advantage that its creators propose is that Movano Ring aims to be an inexpensive device. Remember that Oura, its direct competition, costs more than 300 euros and has a membership of 5.99 euros. So if you want to stand out with this proposition, Movano will have to launch at an affordable price.

At the moment, the Movano Ring is not available for sale, and a beta version will only be launched in the second half of 2022. But we will get a preview of its dynamics at CES 2022.

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