What3Words, the alternative to Google Maps to meet anyone anywhere using three magic words

– Where are we?
– In “football.sigan.botellas”.
– Perfect, well in half an hour I’ll be there.

With What3Words three words are enough to pinpoint a location with the highest precision ever seen in the world of walk-around GPS locations. Of course, these two friends could have been at 40 ° 20’28.9 “N 3 ° 50’50.8” W or even 40.3413592, -3.8474482, but — unless your name is John Nash– those numbers are harder to remember.

What3Words Alternativa Google Maps

What3Words uses Google Maps as the basis. In the image, the X-Madrid shopping center (Alcorcón) is still under construction. The prominent location corresponds to a parking access point.

Sequence “soccer.go.bottles“It corresponds to a unique address in the whole world. So unique, that if you move 3 meters to the left, that address will be called”police.trees.practice“And if you go 3 meters forward, then you will be in.”inside.people.climbing“And it’s not kidding.

The whole world, divided into little squares


The boys of What3Words they have the whole world divided into squares of 3 meters side, and every corner of the planet has its own designation of origin stored in a database. Just search for a location and the map will take you where you want, with three easy-to-remember words.

You can enter the name of a place or a postal address to search for a three word address, and if you select satellite view you can refine the location. Combinations of three words can be to share from the website or from the app, and you can also save in favorites.

Of course, we must be careful with the direction we give to others, lest it be that, instead of “football.go.bottles” write down “football.go.bottle” and finish a little in the middle of nowhere, at a point in Texas a few miles from the border between the United States and Mexico. Perhaps a dodgy location to meet up with friends the locals have never seen.

Which, well thought out, is a help. If you know that you are staying in Madrid (Spain), the same alarm will go off when you see a location in Laredo (Texas).

To stay in a mall, for example, it is an excellent alternative, especially if the parking lot is huge. Other uses can go hand in hand with trekking or cycling, for example, or any other activity you do in Nature, where Google Maps leaves you lying in the immensity of the green.

What3Words integrates with Google Maps, Waze, Bing Maps and Citymapper. In addition, it is compatible with TomTom navigators that are integrated by various car manufacturers; also accepted on Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz via MBUX, Ford via SYNC3, or Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross; also, in a motorcycle manufacturer as historic as Triumph and even on the VTC Cabify platform.

What3Words is available for desktop via their website, and as app both para iPhone, iPad y Apple Watch, What for Android devices.

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