A modular robotic arm capable of doing many things

Although it may not be available as a gift from kings, since it will take a little longer for shipments to begin, the modular robotic arm Hesitant It is an interesting gift to make yourself or give it to someone else.

And is that It has a series of capacities based on the modules that can be acquired from the campaign that its creators are carrying out on Kickstarter. Huenit has a vision module through Artificial Intelligence, another dedicated to 3D printing, another for laser engraving and cutting, another for suction of objects, and a last module for the moment focused on drawing.

The creators show interest in creating new modules, and it even allows users to also create their custom modules, thus covering another range of possibilities.

They point out that Huenit is fast, precise and silent, being able to lift up to 750 grams of weight, and move at speeds of up to 500 mm / s. In his campaign in Kickstarter It can be purchased from the equivalent of 530 euros, allowing sponsors to buy additional modules before shipment.

It is undoubtedly more than interesting, and more so when the collective financing campaign has managed to far exceed the set goal, leaving 9 more days of campaign in which other interested parties can join as sponsors.

About the camera module Artificial intelligence, point out that:

The AI ​​camera module equipped with RISK-V-based 64-bit processors and AI accelerators supports real-time image recognition and even speech recognition through built-in microphones. It is capable of a variety of artificial intelligence technologies such as facial recognition, image classification, object detection, line tracking, color recognition, human segmentation, etc.

The possibilities are enormous, where in fact, in the same campaign you can even see him in a video where he is moving the food, so this robotic arm is completely multi-functional even for day to day.

Sponsors will begin to obtain this device, anywhere in the world, in June 2022.

There are so many possibilities that, as always, we invite you to discover in the web of the campaign still open on Kickstarter.

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