An extension that makes Twitter easier to use on the web

Twttr is a new open source extension that comes to focus on the desktop version of Google Chrome, with the aim of simplify the user experience for those who would like to enjoy a simpler and more practical Twitter experience, eliminating some elements that distract from what really matters, obtaining a cleaner interface on the screen.

There is no doubt that Twitter has grown a lot, with more and more functions and elements, and there may be users where the recommendations of other possibly related users, the automatic reproduction of the videos, or other elements available in the desktop version are are completely dispensable, to the point that their existence makes them lose their attention to what they want to discover.

In this sense, Twttr eliminates autoplay, offers customization options for the user interface, makes it easy to block users who may be considered annoying, hides the list of featured topics, eliminates the button that invites the promotion of tweets, and even has the Quiet Mode, which deactivates the metrics of the tweets, among other capabilities.

Its creator has developed this extension according to what he thinks they are the modifications he would need Twitter «To make it great», allowing a distraction-free scrolling through content, which usually always gets in the way of scrolling along the timeline.

The extension’s website points out that Twttr consumes significantly less CPU resource compared to other existing extensions for ChromeIt is also a 100% open source extension, which opens the doors to collaboration with third parties so that they can come up with new solutions according to what they understand the Twitter experience should be.

Still, the creator already drops on the extension’s website the fact that other news will arrive along the way under the premise of turning the budding extension into what it has come to consider as the “best Twitter user extension.”

There is no doubt that between clients and extensions, users can adapt the experiences according to their needs, moving away from the native experiences that the platform has been offering through the web and mobile devices.

The open character also makes it possible to adapt the extension to the novelties that the blue bird platform is launching.

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