Eilik, a small companion robot

There are those who choose pets to have some company, but we must also get used to accepting also those who prefer to have a robot in their place, and more if we look at Eilik, a fun little robot with which users can interact based on emotions.

And is that Eilik is able to laugh, cry, rage and more, having a variety of reactions and expressions as you interact with it. For example, you can tickle your navel, for which you will laugh, or go crazy when you hit the surface it is on, taking into account that it is also quite sensitive to vibrations.

A small companion robot

And is that this little robot It has touch sensors on the head, navel and lower extremities, which allows a variety of reactions, and therefore, the ability to show one feeling or another.

To do this, Eilik will use a small screen available on the head with which, through the animation of the eyes, express his emotions, together with the body movements that he is also capable of performing.

It’s also tiny in size, so it won’t take up much space.

Becomes the equivalent to a robotic tamagotchi With which young and old will be able to spend a lot of time with him, although if he is left paying attention for a long time, he will already manage to attract attention through gestures and emotions.

But if you can’t pay attention to it for a while, There is also the possibility of accompanying a second unit, getting them to interact with each other.

And is that Eilik has quite a personality, both in front of people and in front of other robotic units.

For now it can be purchased through the Indiegogo platform on demand through a single reward, which offers it for the equivalent of about 105 euros, plus shipping costs, with shipments to anywhere in the world scheduled for the month of May 2022.

To see it in action, just go to the website of your campaign at Indiegogo, completed a few days ago successfully.

Link: Campaign on Indiegogo

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