Microsoft Teams will have a new option that will reduce distractions during video calls

If seeing yourself on the screen stresses you out when you are in a video call, you will be interested in learning about the new Microsoft Teams proposal.

Although video calls and online meetings have become a popular tool in this time, many users find it difficult to see themselves on camera and have their image on video all the time on screen. To solve this, Teams will add a new option so that you can hide the preview of your video.

Microsoft Teams will allow you to hide your video from the screen

Microsoft Teams will begin rolling out a new desktop feature in January that will allow users to hide their own video in the call interface. Yes, that box you see in the lower right corner of the screen that gives you a preview of your image in front of the camera.

All services of video calls have this option so that users can see each other while the meeting is taking place. It is a simple way to control that our video is shown without problems to the rest of the participants. However, for many users, always seeing themselves on the screen can be distracting or stressful.

To solve this, Teams will have a new option that will allow you to hide your video from the screen. That does not mean that you will be hidden from the rest of the participants, since the dynamics will remain the same if you have the camera on, but you will not see yourself on the screen. And of course, it will be an action that you can reverse at any time.

So if you want to briefly check if your image comes out well in the video, you can activate the preview of your video, and deactivate it quickly without problems. On the other hand, when you activate this option you will still have an indicator on the screen that keeps you aware that you have the camera activated, to avoid problems or oversights.

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