Motorpasión wishes you a Happy New Year, for a 2022 of challenges and evolution

Happy New Year! 2021 is over and 2022 is coming. We left behind a year that we thought was going to be the return to normality (ha!) But … fail. The good? That everything is learned, especially when they are badly given.

And since we are big heads and the only constant is change (what did we say last year), it is time to face a new year with changes both in the automotive industry and right here at Motorpasión.

For a 2022 full of challenges and health

Hyundai Bayon 2021 Prueba 036

As if it had been some kind of year of the groundhog, 2021 has once again been characterized by a context of global pandemic. It has not been the same scenario, it has evolved, but the consequences in the industry have been there.

Perhaps we have already left behind the stoppages in production due to strict confinement, but we have replaced them with a severe global logistics crisis that began with the Ever Given brown bundle stuck in the Suez Canal and the tiny (compared to the container ship) bulldozer trying to widen the shore.


In 2021 we have all felt like that little bulldozer at some time.

That was the media event that preceded the microchip crisis. Because if there has been an inanimate protagonist in all this function, it has been the lack of those components that are not seen with the naked eye, but that are increasingly important in cars and that in our market are leading to accumulate a delay of hundreds of thousands of units. Have been sold fewer cars than in 2020.

It’s been a pretty fucking year, again, but you learn from everything. In the most adverse scenarios we can draw lessons, the industry is relocating part of the production, we are trying to avoid excessive dependence … We also evolve, assimilating what happens, accepting and acting from experience.

And it’s not just the industry that changes, because here at Motorpasión there are also changes. Josep Camós He has been the captain of this information freighter since September 2013, before I came in here. Now Josep is taking a more than well-deserved break, and the undersigned (Jesús Martín) takes over by empathizing with that little bulldozer that freed Ever Given.

Ford Mustang Mach 1 2021 Prueba 053

To 2022!

2022 is the beginning of a new stage in which we would like to face the challenges that arise, always enjoying the world of Motor. Because passion is what moves both us and you who are on the other side, and the day we lose that … then yes it will be a crisis.

So, yes, 2022 has to be almost by pure probability a year in which we finally see a lot of light and above all we enjoy life as we knew it before (more or less), of our own and of our passion for automobiles. Because Josep was right just a year ago when he wrote that “if we have come this far, what comes next can only be one step forward.”

And now that? Now it’s time to raise your glass, glass, jug or horn and toast with us for a 2022 that is the envy of its predecessors, for health, for excavators and for cars.

Happy New Year!

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