Subjective year summation and changes for the team

Another year passed, which was surprisingly hectic, and we were one less.


It is the last day of December, tomorrow is due to write 2022 on the privacy statements. But as long as 2021 had to be written, that’s what happened. We ran for the year with Bone, Brigi and Ákos adding to me the composition of the team (plus the Bocha thread in the background), but we get out of it with a little less, as Ákos leaves the editorial office and continues elsewhere. You could talk about this for about 40 minutes, so we did:

I think everything in the material above is both historically and quasi-emotional. And if it’s video, I’d like to share our show that went out on December 30th, which wanted to talk about how much everything happened this year, and then it turned into something completely different:

We set off for 2021 by not being in Nevada this time because CES was missed. We already knew by then that we wouldn’t be in Barcelona at the end of February either, because the MWC would be pushed into the summer, we were still hoping that there might be an IFA in Berlin in the autumn, but that was not the case. We went to the Catalan capital in the summer, but it was clearly a total unnecessary circle, the only benefit being that a South Korean startup sent us a gigantic cat wheel for testing:

But! Aside from all these changes and the lack of community events, 2021 was basically not a terrible year. There were 197 tests and 1761 news, as well as 52 videos (and also 52 radio broadcasts on Trend FM), so we wrote about 6.5 million characters and now I could toss in numbers as many as the total number of miles of test stuff we had, but I have no idea , plus if we include the cars, an amount would come out that I would be afraid to write down. We had plenty of work to do this year as well, but I think we can be happy with the amount of work left. Typically with its quality as well.

This year has a lot of experience. On the one hand, although we were afraid that there wouldn’t be enough interesting test stuff because of Huawei’s ailments, Realme and Oppo soon jumped into the gap as new players at home, Xiaomi rumbled, and the others brought in the amount of products they had before. is. And we’ve also dealt with a lot of accessories on the audio and wearable line, there have been so many of them that it’s going to be worth splitting the “accessories” section in two. There were more car materials than before, these are apparently popular topics, so although Ákos is leaving, we won’t let go of this line either, maybe even Legendd will reappear for a few articles, he’s been climbing on the subject ever since.


We are strongly thinking that it would be appropriate to deal with DIY (so store-bought, off-the-shelf) smart home products. Many of us already have experience with lighting, Amazon and Google solutions, sensors, hubs, plus more and more little babies will be smart (toothbrush, vacuum cleaner, camera, lamp, air freshener, fan, air conditioner), not to mention the large line (refrigerator, oven, washing machine ), all of which have programmable intelligence when organized into a network, but do not always work together. We’ll see if there’s a need for that, and then we might crawl in because there are smart outlets and other little babies at affordable prices now.

So in 2022, we will continue with the same enthusiasm. We also have to replace Ákos, this process is already going on, if the composition of the team changes (again), we will definitely write about it. We are very confident that there will be a little more events and travel next year, YouTube broadcasts will remain, the radio show (Trend FM, every Thursday from 15:00 to 16:00) will continue to spin, we hope that device manufacturers will also bring exciting products then, we’re sure to have a bunch of e-car and micromobility topics as well, so we’re prepared in principle.

We would like to thank our readers for their special attention throughout the year, the many test devices for our partners, the revenue for our advertisers, everyone keeps their good habit, because we love to do it for a long time and we want to deal with it for a long time to come. We will do our best in the future to provide content for those who are interested in the topic, plus those who only visit us when they want to buy something new and find out what is worth it from us. The goal here has been slowly for 20 years to help us with that.

On behalf of the whole editorial staff, we would like to wish you a happy new year, see you in 2022 too!

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