This truck with superchargers for electric cars promises to recharge 100 km of autonomy in five minutes

This truck has been designed by a Russian start-up, it is called L-Charge and is able to recharge more than 20 electric cars daily. Plans are to arrive in London next year to provide service to users who need it.

Hydrogen and natural gas powered chargers

In order to supply enough energy to charge up to 25 electric cars a day, the L-Charge has natural gas or hydrogen deposits to provide that electricity.

This fuel can be stored and transported as a gas or as a liquid to be converted into low-carbon or clean energy that is feasible almost anywhere in the world.

It should be taken into account that liquefied natural gas chargers emit three times less CO₂ per 100 kilometers than diesel cars, but also emit more polluting gases than the electricity grid.

The estimated time to charge an average electric car battery up to 80% is between 5 and 7 minutes, according to the data provided by the company itself. They can charge the car to 100% in a time of 20 minutes.

Although it must be taken into account that the price per service is significantly higher than what some fixed recharge lines establish per kWh consumed. The Russian company stipulates a cost per kilowatt hour consumed of 0.80 euro cents, which is practically twice that of other operators. Despite this, its demand increases monthly.

The Russian company has been on a route through different cities of the world and in our country it has already visited Barcelona and Madrid. Currently they only have one operating in Moscow and from the company they assure that they obtain around six requests a day as an electricity supplier.

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