Netflix shows warnings again to prevent password sharing

A few months ago we learned about a test that Netflix was running to prevent users from sharing passwords. That is, an account is shared between several people who do not correspond to the family group that lives in the same house.

Based on the screenshots shared by some users, when Netflix it detected that an account was being used by someone other than its owner, it activated a verification system. Several months have passed since that test, but Netflix has not activated any similar dynamics on the platforms.

However, it seems that the Netflix team continues to dabble in this idea, as mentioned in BGR. Some users in Italy have encountered a warning message and verification system when they log into the Netflix account.

The message from Netflix seems to be the same one we saw months ago, in the style »Start your own Netflix now» with a friendly hint mentioning that if you do not live in the same house as the account holder, you will need to create your own to continue enjoying the contents.

Or if you want to continue using that account, Netflix proposes to send a verification code to verify that you are the account holder. So the dynamic remains the same, with a message trying to persuade users to share accounts with a 30-day free promo.

Netflix has not announced anything about it, so it is still a test that will not affect the majority of users. It remains to be seen if Netflix decides to implement a similar dynamic in any of the future updates or considers it too risky if it does not want to lose the sympathy of users.

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