They create robotic hand in the style of Terminator

For some years now, efforts have been made within robotics to develop an artificial hand that fully replicates the movements and actions performed by a real hand, so that they can be useful to people who have lost this limb.

Recently, the work of a team of Korean engineers was made known in this field, who developed a hand robot endowing it with the ability to perform movements of different intensity, so that it could squeeze a can of beer or gently take an egg.

With the name of Right-handed Anthropomorphic Powered by Integrated Linkages (ILDA) This robotic hand has a total of 20 joints that give it a 15-degree angle of motion, while the fingertips have the ability to exert a force of 3.4 kilos.

Regarding its dimensions, this hand has a length of 22 centimeters and a weight of 1.1 kilos, which makes it light to use. During the tests carried out it was possible to demonstrate the effectiveness of this robotic hand to crush cans, hold eggs, and even use scissors to cut paper.

Thanks to the achievement obtained with ILDA, the researchers foresee that this hand will represent a viable option for integrate many of today’s commercial robotic arms.

In that sense, Uikyum Kim, co-author of the study and member of the Ajou University in Korea pointed out the difficulty involved in the development of this robotic hand, explaining how the actuators currently used to drive the movement of this limb, as well as other electronic components, are often incorporated into large forearms.

This is where ILDA distinguishes itself, since all the components involved in its movement are present. within the very structure of the hand.

This means there are no external parts or modules, so ILDA can be seamlessly incorporated into a wide variety of robot arm models. So too, this robotic hand could be coupled to a robot industrial thanks to its low manufacturing cost, high performance and adaptable design.

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