at 2,200 meters and with a lot of ice

The hydrogen car Hyundai nexo It has broken a new record, this time for resistance and in extreme conditions. It was at the hands of the French pilot Adrien Tambay, who piloted a Standard Nexus at 2,220 meters altitude for six hours.

Result: 190 laps on a single charge.

A promising technology with many challenges

Valthorensrecord Nexus 4

The attempt to achieve this six-hour endurance record took place at the International Center for Carbon-Free Vehicle Records in Val Thorens, France, a center located at an altitude of 2,200 meters and with unfriendly weather.

According to Hyundai, the temperature at the beginning of the test was -6ºC and the circuit was covered by a 11 centimeter ice sheet. The car, equipped with an electric motor powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, managed to make 190 laps on a single charge.

After these six hours, there were still, they say, 50 km of autonomy of the 666 km that it approves. According to official measurements, the record was translated into 267.8 cubic meters of purified air.

The Nexo has already broken several records, including autonomy: in 2019 traveled 778 km on a single charge, although the Toyota Mirai has proven to measure up.

This summer exceeded 1,000 km on a single chargePromising figures for a transport system still in its infancy, especially with regard to private transport.

Unfortunately, the high prices of hydrogen cars – the hydrogen fuel cell Hyundai Nexo has a starting price of 72,250 euros: 4.35 times the price of the combustion Kona and almost double that of electricity- and the lack of hydrogenerators in Spain make this technology remain in mere records to promote technology, at least with regard to private transport.

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