How to schedule automatic shutdown on your Windows 11 PC

Automatic programming for electronic devices is one of those tools that not everyone uses constantly, but they do It represents a vital function for many other people.

On computers, the use of this tool is no exception, and for that reason this time we will be teaching you the how to program said automatic shutdown, specifically on those PCs that have Windows 11.

Now entering the matter, it should be noted that Windows 11 does not technically have a native function that allows automatic shutdown to be activated. In fact, the automatic shutdown it is not installed as a standalone tool, Rather, it must be activated by means of an instrument from which various functions can be activated.

It bears by name Programmer and then we will teach you where to find it and how to use it, so let’s go for it.

Steps to schedule automatic shutdown on your Windows 11 computer

– On your computer, open the Windows start menu and type Task scheduler.
– In the only tool that will be shown with that name, click on it.

turn off computer

– Among the different options that are displayed within the programmer, look for the tab that says Create basic task, located in the column on the right side.
– On the bar Name, write a title for this function, which might as well be Auto power off. In addition to this, you can add a description of what the tool will be, and this can be done in the bottom bar.
– Click on Following.

turn off computer

– Select the time of frequency with which you want the created task to be repeated, either daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
– Press again on Following.

A new window will be shown, where you can edit the time in the one you want the computer to turn off. To configure it, do the following:

– Choose the day on which the automatic shutdown process will start.
– Also select the time you want for the computer to turn off.
– On the line that says Repeat every X days, write the number you want. Keep in mind that if you write 1, the function will be activated every day.
– Press again Following.
– As it will be shown in the new window, they will ask you what action you want the task to accomplish, where you will have to click on Start a program and then in Following.

At this point, you will have entered the most important part of the process, which has been the choice of the program to be used and the one that will make the computer shut down.

– On the right side, click the button Examine.
– When Windows Explorer opens, copy and paste C:WindowsSystem32 in the search window in the upper right corner.
– Find or write Shutdown and click on To open. It might appear Shutdown.exe.

turn off computer

– If you see that on the screen appears C:WindowsSystem32shutdown.exe., you can finally give Following.
– Before finishing this process, do a quick check that everything is fine and then press on Finalize.

Once you have done all this, your computer will finally shut down automatically and you will not have failed in the attempt. Although the process turns out to be a bit long, But if you follow the steps to the letter, it will not take you more than 10 minutes to achieve it.

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