Krita 5.0, the «free photoshop» with new functions for digital illustration

When it comes to image editing, most of us automatically think of Photoshop as the quintessential choice.

However, there are other editing tools that offer you a wide variety of functions that place it at the same level as Photoshop, and even exceed it.

One of them is Krita, an open source project emerged many years ago and that over time has undergone improvements through its different versions, being that in recent years it has adopted functions focused entirely on the digital illustration.

The last of them, Krita 5.0, It has brought with it some new features that, according to its developers, are the most important that this tool has had since its launch.

The first of the changes includes the handling carried out with elements such as the brushes, gradients and palettes, as well as labeling, which is now much faster to use and consumes less memory.

In the case of gradients, these have been softened, also having a much wider range of options to use.

For the brushes used in blurring, a new engine based on MyPaint. Also, improvements were applied to the animation system, as well as to the user interface.

New functions were added such as cloning frames and animated transform masks. On the other hand, the integration of a storyboard editor stands out.

In addition, Krita 5.0 also includes a recorder function with which you can record your painting sessions on video, as well as the ability to process files in AVIF and WebP format.

Another notable feature in Krita 5.0 is the possibility that this version of import videos and GIFs as animations. Now through the Ctrl + Enter keys you will have the opportunity to perform interactive searches, also known as HUD.

It is worth mentioning that before proceeding with the download of Krita 5.0 you should bear in mind that this new version does not have the ability to load vector layers that have been created with Krita versions lower than 3.0.

Added to this, the brushes created in Krita 5.0 they cannot be used in lower versions of this tool.

For more information about Krita 5.0 click HERE

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