Bosch Smart Home: Outdoor siren available now

In September last year we got the new outdoor siren for the Bosch Smart Home reported, the siren is now available in stores.

In cooperation with one Door / window contact or a motion detector, the siren can be configured so that a 100 dB loud alarm sounds as soon as one of the sensors detects an intruder. In addition, in the event of an alarm, the red LEDs of the siren flash and the residents are notified on their smartphones.

Should someone try the siren the system also sounds the alarm. The outdoor siren is equipped with a solar panel, but can alternatively be connected to a low voltage line (5-28V). An integrated backup battery ensures that the siren works even in the event of a power failure.

The Bosch Smart Home outdoor siren can also be integrated into classic wired alarm systems. For this purpose, it has additional connections (alarm input and output as well as sabotage alarm), which can be connected to a conventional alarm system. The siren, measuring 249 x 159 x 79 millimeters, is dust and water jet protection according to the IP55 standard.

Bosch Smart Home outdoor siren: price and availability

The alarm siren for the Bosch Smart Home system is now available for around 230 euros Manufacturer’s online shop available. The head office is available in stores for around 70 euros (for example at*). The system is with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and with that Google Assistant compatible.

A starter set for the Bosch system is currently available for around 190 euros Amazon*. For the price you get the control center, a smoke detector, a door / window contact and a motion detector.

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Would you like to learn more about the system? In our Bosch Smart Home Test our reader Philipp tells us about the advantages and disadvantages.

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