Huawei’s 2021 sales fell nearly 30 percent

Huawei expects challenges for its future, but is trying to stick to its strategy.

Huawei remains in a difficult position as a result of the tightening of US sanctions. According to the company, sales in 2021 will increase by nearly 30 percent decreased.


Annual sales could reach $ 99.48 billion, according to Guo Ping, the company’s current president. This represents an annual decline of 28.9 percent, but the company is happy with it under current conditions.

According to the President, this year will also be a year of great challenges: the company expects an unpredictable business environment, the integration of the technology sector into politics and the intensification of increasing deglobalisation processes. This is all a serious challenge, according to Guo Ping.

Huawei was blacklisted in the US back in 2019, and since then, the Biden government has repeatedly tightened restrictions on the company. According to experts, in addition to US sanctions, weaker-than-expected domestic consumption is also exacerbating Huawei’s situation. Nonetheless, the company would stick to its strategy and respond rationally to external factors independent of them. They want to continue to focus on ICT infrastructures and smart devices.

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