Nanoleaf lamps will soon become full thread routers

Nanoleaf, a manufacturer of smart lighting systems, has announced a firmware update that will turn its own products into full-featured border routers.

Thread is a low power wireless protocol for the Smart Home, in which the devices communicate directly with each other, which ensures a more stable network and better radio range. Last year, Nanoleaf rolled out thread support for its own products with a firmware update. The products could also act as border routers, which so far has only worked within the Nanoleaf product range.

HomePod Mini is no longer needed: Nanoleaf products become border routers

With the update that has now been announced and is due to appear this quarter, some Nanoleaf products will become full-range border routers. What does that mean? If you own the Nanoleaf Shapes, Nanoleaf Elements or Nanoleaf Lines, you don’t need any additional hardware to create a thread network to other thread-capable products, such as Eve’s HomeKit devices. So far, it was still an Apple TV 4K or one HomePod Mini necessary.

In short: Anyone who uses the Nanoleaf lamps listed above and other thread-capable devices can look forward to a better wireless range in the course of the quarter.

The manufacturer has also announced that the products will also support the new Matter standard at the end of 2022, which should ensure better cross-manufacturer networking of smart home devices. To develop the standard, leading tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google and Signifiy have come together to form the “Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA)”.

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