Netflix teases the return of the Umbrella Academy for a season 3

It’s one of Netflix’s biggest hits. After two seasons, Umbrella Academy is preparing its comeback in 2022. The platform has just shared the first images.

In 2022, Netflix will not slow down its efforts to expand its offering. The platform, world leader in the sector, has just given news of one of its biggest successes. On Twitter, she shares first posters of The Umbrella Academy, which will unveil its third episode salvo later this year.

Adapted from the comics by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bà, the series follows the adventures of 7 children with extraordinary powers. All born of an immaculate conception in October 1989, these toddlers were adopted by the wealthy Sir Reginald Hargreeves to form the Umbrella Academy, a team of superheroes destined to save humanity. But several years later, after the latter’s death, they find themselves as the apocalypse threatens the planet. They have a few days to save her.

After saving Earth a second time, in the past, our characters finally return to their space-time. But upon their return, they discover that other beings have taken their place within Hargreeves’ domain. These new characters form the Sparrow Academy, and will visibly establish themselves as the antagonists of the season.

A new team

On Twitter, Netflix gave us a brief glimpse of the face of these new protagonists. We discover among others Marcus, the number 1 who will be played by Justin Cornwell. Fei (number 3) and Alphonso (number 4) will be played by Jake Epstein and Génesis Rodriguez respectively, while number 6 is played by Cazzie David. As for number 7, it will be a cube capable of telekinesis. But among these newcomers, a face well known to spectators appears. It is Ben, who this time takes the number 2 place in the team. As a reminder, the latter died after a perilous mission a few years before the reunion of the group. It would seem that in this reality, he managed to survive by some miracle.

Adapted from the third volume?

As for the plot, very little is known yet. We can nevertheless imagine that these new characters face the team we know, to reclaim their place and restore the natural order of things. The story should also hang up the wagons of the third volume, published in 2019 by Dark Horse. Baptized Oblivion Hotel, the tale follows our characters as they face a new threat: the recently escaped murder magician from Hotel Oblivion.


With these new images, Netflix has yet to deign to give us an official release date. The platform nevertheless confirmed that the appointment would be set later this year, so we should not have to wait too long. The season having been officially launched on July 31, 2020, we can hope to find the fine team at this same period two years later.

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