New Samsung TVs will support streaming games from the cloud

Samsung is unveiling a new line of smart TVs at the CES 2022 conference today, which includes novel and even exotic features such as radio wave-powered remote controls and support for NFT. Also, they happen to be Samsung’s first sets in a time that allow you to play high-end video games from the cloud, rather than just your Xbox, PlayStation, or PC.

After a simple presentation of this idea, Samsung is now confirming that some of the 2022 models will promptly offer access to Nvidia’s GeForce Now, Google Stadia and the Utomik cloud gaming service, as part of a new Samsung Gaming Hub, a user interface that Samsung intends to expand to additional services as well.

The Samsung Gaming Hub isn’t just for cloud gaming either. Interestingly, the company says its HDMI-connected video game consoles will be a part of it too, complete with pass-through controller inputs. That means you may be able to play cloud games and console games with the same controller, rather than having to keep separate controllers or pair back and forth, with compatible PlayStation and Xbox controllers at launch.

It’s unclear whether Samsung’s TVs will deliver the best picture and audio quality for cloud gaming, as the company couldn’t say whether GeForce Now or Google Stadia would offer 4K streaming. “We are working with partners to bring their best levels of service to our platform”said Samsung’s director of gaming products Mike Lucero to The Verge. “We will announce details as we get closer to launch”added.

If you have an older Samsung Smart TV, it is also not known if it will have access to any of these functions. “We are starting with our 2022 models and are working to make the Gaming Hub available to even more Samsung customers”Lucero writes.

Samsung smart TVs had the Steam Link app for a while, but Lucero told The Verge that it won’t be part of this Gaming Hub. Also, it is striking that Xbox Cloud Gaming is not part of this launch, despite the good relationship between Microsoft and Samsung, patented in an alliance agreed last year, precisely to collaborate on video games.

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