Samsung brings NFT support in its new televisions

The week already begins with many technological innovations in the framework of the new edition of CES 2022. And Samsung is one of the first brands that has released several novelties focused on its new televisions.

All of the proposals combine a number of impressive technologies, but one feature that has attracted attention is that Samsung is jumping on the NFT trend. Yes, it integrates NFT support in its new line of 2022 televisions.

Samsung integrates NFT in its new TV models

Samsung announced its new line of televisions for 2022. For example, we have the new Neo QLED TVs that combine a series of technologies and algorithms to offer a better visual experience with much sharper images with the bonus of having a sound system that will provide an immersive effect.

We also have the new MicroLED televisions that have several features to stand out, for example, they can offer a maximum brightness of 2000 nits and 20-bit HDR processing to provide sharper images with precision in detail. And in addition to this impressive combination, it also adds a particular novelty in the new Smart Hub that will be released by the new 2022 televisions.

In addition to games, functions to personalize the TV and some additional apps, Samsung announced that it will integrate “the first NFT browser”

In 2022, Samsung will introduce the first TV screen-based NFT market browser and aggregator, an innovative platform that allows you to browse, buy and display your favorite art, all in one place.

That is, from the TV screen, buyers will be able to share their art and potential buyers can preview the NFT and access a series of data, before purchasing. Samsung has not mentioned too many details about this proposal, but we will be able to see its dynamics at work when the new 2022 televisions are launched on the market.

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