Samsung opens the ball with colorful screens

CES is always an opportunity to see big announcements. Tradition dictates, it is televisions and screens that get the ball rolling.

Each year, this is the event not to be missed. If many Silicon Valley firms have decided not to make the trip to Las Vegas, where the CES is being held, because of the sanitary conditions, which are still difficult this year, it is Samsung which has decided to open hostilities by announcing a whole new generation of its most popular screens.

And the South Korean brand is best known around the world for its phones, it which is today the biggest manufacturer of this market, one would almost forget that the field of action of the firm is much wider than our pocket companions. Indeed, the company from the Asian peninsula, with its expertise in the design of screens, is able to make state-of-the-art televisions, embedding the best technologies.

2022 will therefore mark the year of renewal for the brand’s televisions, since Samsung decided to review everything, to offer its audience products of unprecedented quality. In the end, the Korean company decided to update three models: “The Frame”, but also television screens and Neo QLED 8K.

Three screens to get 2022 off to a good start

With the latest version of its screen “The Frame”, Samsung wants to offer a rendering closer to what we are used to seeing in dark rooms. Indeed, the firm worked on a more matte anti-reflective filter, to give the impression to viewers that the surface is made of paper or canvas and not of a glass slab as it is in reality.

When it comes to Samsung’s MicroLED technology, Samsung has seen some big changes as well. Indeed, if Samsung had already done in excess by offering screens up to 178 inches, the Asian firm has decided to be reasonable this year and offers 89-inch products, alongside the already existing versions of 99 and 110 inches.

Finally, the last screen revised upwards by Samsung is that of the Neo QLED range. If the image should not change much, Samsung already offers 4K and 8k on its screens, it is especially in terms of sound that the Korean firm has been working on over the past 12 months. Indeed, the latter has just integrated Dolby Atmos, both with or without a sound bar. In fact, until now, the TV speakers were turned off when the sound bar took over. With this new generation of screens, this will no longer be the case.

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