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The Jimmy JV53 cordless vacuum cleaner is available at a classic price

For years, the trend has been that vacuum cleaners are evolving rapidly, as have cell phones. However, they have a much longer lifespan and users don’t even want to replace them every two years. The blessed situation was that as development is rapid, so we can buy the models a few years ago much cheaper, and the difference is not so great, as they are fit for purpose, and not bad at all.

The Jimmy JV53 was one of the first to grow into an iconic piece at the manufacturer. Kin that case it was still over 60,000 forints, but it was pretty low. The technique is strong, a Suction force of 20,000 Pa enough in most cases, and supplements are very useful for it. The machine has a motorized rotary head, a synthetically motorized upholstery cleaning head is added, and can also be mounted on the aluminum extension tube three other brush accessories is. The tool replaceable battery, so the pack can be charged separately, there is no need to connect the entire vacuum cleaner to the charger.

When switched to max mode, it can only operate for 8 minutes, but if the lower suction power is enough, it will get 45 minutes, and with the electric head 35. Although the time for max mode is quite poor, it’s not a big deal because it’s only needed when cleaning carpets. Of course, this is already the model HEPA filters, and filters dust out of the exhaust air with 99.97% efficiency.

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