The SEAT Arona snatches the crown from the Dacia Sandero

The Spanish car market has a new sales king: the B-SUV SEAT Arona has become the new best selling car of the year, succeeding Dacia Sandero on the throne.

The podium is completed by another SUV, the Hyundai Tucson which has been second by very little, and precisely the Dacia Sandero, that the recently closed 2021 has only been able to be third. These three cars have stood out from the rest throughout most of the year, making them the expected trio.

The Arona certifies the success of the Ibiza and allows a SEAT to reign again … for the minimum

SEAT Arona and SEAT Ibiza 2021

The SEAT’s smallest SUV released update precisely in 2021, so both the new model and the outgoing one have been on sale. This has helped it to reap these figures: 21,946 units sold.

But the same has happened with his brother, the SEAT Ibiza, and the ten best-selling cars of the year are not found or entered. That translates to the SEAT Arona has engulfed the utility in sales to the sound of SUV fashion.

Such was the advantage of Arona, which despite the fact that in the last two months of the year has made more discreet numbers since the Hyundai Tucson has stepped on the accelerator, the South Korean SUV has had to settle for second place with 21,258 models sold.

That is to say that there has been foto finish because the Tucson has remained only 688 units from the Arona and very close to wearing the crown.

Hyundai Tucson 2021

The Hyundai Tucson brushes the crown, staying less than 700 units from the Arona

The one that until now held the title, the Dacia Sandero, which has signed in 2021 the 20,419 units enrolled. Regarding the Arona, the gap is 1,500 cars sold and compared to the Tucson, almost 840 models marketed.

Be that as it may the 10 best-selling cars from Spain in 2021 they are the pure reflex SUV fever: five of the most enrolled in the recently closed year have been SUVs, with the Arona and the Tucson leading the way, followed by the Peugeot 2008 and 3008 and the Volkswagen T-Roc.

In this TOP 10 we find two utility vehicles, the Sandero and the Citroen C3, two compact, the Toyota Corolla and the SEAT Leon, and an urban, the Fiat 500.

Dacia Sandero 2020

The Dacia Sandero loses the title of best-seller in 2021, although it has made a podium

But it had been several years since an SUV was crowned the best-selling car, since the SEAT León reigned three consecutive years (2019, 2018 and 2017) until the Dacia Sandero snatched the title, which is not an SUV although it has a high option (the Stepway).

Much remains to be seen if this door opened by the Arona makes an SUV, once again, the most marketed car of the year, but meanwhile the B-SUV already boasts the crown and, therefore, the Spanish brand, which returns to have one of its models at the top.

The best-selling cars of 2021


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FIAT 500


The arguments of the new king of sales in Spain

SEAT Arona 2021

The SEAT Arona represents an affordable SUV, with an aesthetic very similar to that of the Ibiza. Thus, it convinces by category, but also by being close to a model that has traditionally been among the best sellers in Spain.

Gasoline only and no electrification: the SEAT Arona range consists solely of TSI engines between 95 hp and 150 hp, the diesel options disappearing in this new installment. Depending on the version, they can be associated with a six-speed manual gearbox, the majority, or a seven-speed DSG automatic.

ECO variant: the only one of the Arona with an ECO label is the TGI natural gas engine, whose engine runs on both gasoline and this biofuel. It offers 90 hp and can only be selected with the manual gearbox.

More equipped and connected: the new SEAT Arona, and from any finish, equips LED optics without surcharge. It also debuts a new larger multimedia display, between 8.25 and 9.2 inches, with the system. SEAT Connect in any version and compatible wireless Full Link compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Another novelty is wireless charging, although it is only offered in the most equipped versions.

Safer and more technological: the updated Arona boasts more assistive technology and equips from its most basic options automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, cruise control, lane keeping assistant or fatigue detector.

SEAT Arona 2021, interior

But it also offers more advanced systems such as Rear and Side Cross Traffic Alert or Adaptive Cruise (ACC), as well as Autonomous Parking Assist or High / Low Beam Assist.

The SEAT Arona It is offered in Spain in four finishes: the Reference base, followed by the Style, the X-Perience and the sporty FR cut. His price ranges between 16.910 euros and the 22.100 euros with discounts applied.

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